Design and construction of gardens, landscaping, and exterior work


The work of Hayashi Garden Design Office

Our job is to create gardens. We create gardens that are suited to the land and the seasons, making the most of the natural cycle of the land and the soil in the long term. We create a garden that meets the client's wants, based on making the most of nature and the plants. We design our own gardens and build them ourselves. This is because if we only design the garden and leave the construction to others, the garden may not turn out as we imagined. Soil is the interface between nature and man. We create our own gardens based on the model of satoyama and wooded areas where birds, insects and other creatures of the natural world can live together.

The garden we made

What it's like to work at Hayashi Garden Design

Woodlands do not need chemical fertilisers or herbicides. Their own fallen leaves and dead branches fall to the ground and accumulate as humus. The soil has a constant supply of organic matter, which nourishes the trees, provides food for living things and makes the soil soft and fluffy. Because the topsoil is covered, there are few weeds. Working at Hayashi Garden Design means creating a natural cycle in the garden, modeled after that of a woodland. We take soil that has been rendered uninhabitable by pesticides and turn it back into an "organic soil" in which living things can live. The garden of Hayashi Garden Design is completed by adding the design according to the client's wishes, the ease of use and the quality of the old wood.

About Hayashi Garden Design

Organisation chart

What you will learn and what the future holds

You will be able to see and learn first hand the knowledge, experience and skills that our Chairman, Hayashi, has developed over many years in the design, construction, management and planting of gardens. Construction is mainly carried out by craftsmen, but in order to create a good design, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the work on site, so the design staff will also be involved in assisting the Chairman, Hayashi. In the future, you can work as a supervisor and manage the work, or you can deepen your field of expertise and specialisation. As you learn the skills and the job, you will find out what you want to be in the future.


Safe Green Space

For the future

We believe that creating a garden that only prioritises function and appearance is not the garden of the future. We believe that the garden of the future will be sustainable and consider the health of the soil, the trees, the people who live in it and the connection with the local community. Specifically, together with our colleagues, we are working on an initiative called "Gardens along the Road" and "Safe Green Space" in Hino and Kunitachi cities (Japan Open Gardens Organization). We will not build high walls along the street in private gardens, but use low flower beds and greenery to make it easier to walk on narrow pavements, to see children, and to create safer streets. We also produce and sell compost made from the natural fermentation of our pruned branches and leaves, so that individuals can revive the woodland cycle in their gardens, and as a way of helping the environment without producing waste. This is just the beginning. We hope that the new generation, who will be responsible for the future, will create a new landscape.

Original compost

The kind of person we are looking for

The kind of person we are looking for

Whatever you do, honesty is important. What you think of yourself and what others see of you are not necessarily the same thing, but in order for you to grow, it is an important quality to accept what others think of you. Also, this job is not done by someone else, but the finished garden is your work. We are looking for someone who can think and act on their own initiative to ensure that the client is satisfied with the finished product, as well as their own work.

Chairman HAYASHI YOSHIJI’s message

Positions available

Hayashi Garden Design Office is currently recruiting for the following positions

Apprentice landscapers

*We are now closed to applications for design positions.Thank you for your interest.

Apprentice landscapers

Job description
Gardening, planking, pruning, replanting, weed removal, site preparation, site clean-up, machine maintenance, clean-up, etc.
Decided by consultation after considering experience and ability.
  • Form of employment:Full-time (3 months trial period with change of working conditions)
  • Place of work :After gathering at the workshop (Yokokawa-cho, Hachioji City), each site mainly private residences *No transfer
  • Working hours:7:30 - 17:00 (90 minutes break)
  • Holidays :Sunday, rain or bad weather as needed, paid holidays, congratulation or condolence leave, maternity or childcare leave
  • Other  :Various social insurances, Transportation expenses paid (negotiable), Periodic health check, Congratulation and condolence payment system, Retirement allowance system (over 5 years of service)
No academic background required, no experience required, driver's license required
How to apply
Please contact us by phone and send your resume and work history. An interview will be held at a later date.