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01Information and consultation

We believe that the more you understand about how we create our gardens, the more satisfied you will be with them. We invite you to visit our chairman Hayashi's home garden and workshop, where you can see the atmosphere of a garden that has been in operation for several years and the ancient stones that are 200 years old. You will also have the opportunity to visit our office, where you will have the opportunity to look at our materials and discuss them in detail. You will then be able to decide whether you would like to work with us or not.

Contact, Consultation, and visit

Site survey

02Site survey

Our architects will visit the site for a site survey. This will give you an idea of the site's size, shape, elevation, front road and neighbouring land conditions. This can be done while the building is still under construction. If you are planning to build a new house, we recommend that you plan the whole project, including the garden, at the time of planning. This will help us to design the garden as an 'outside room' on the site and to consider its usability and accessibility. If we are able to see the old house and the garden in its original state, we can design the garden with a few trees that are still growing and create a calm garden in the new building.

Our designs



Our architects will draw up a plan and an estimate based on the information you have given us and a site survey. The result is a garden that is more than what you want.

●A healthy and sustainable garden with a natural cycle
●A one-of-a-kind garden using old wood and driftwood
●Easy to use gardens that match the shape of the land
●A garden that is easy to use and suitable for the shape of the land

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Prior to the start of construction, a member of our team will visit the neighbours to explain the project and greet them. We will have a detailed discussion with you to ensure that the design (the plan), which is the designer's view of the whole garden from above, matches the design (the construction), which is done by the gardener (the craftsman) at the site, handling the actual items and considering how each part of the garden fits together. We then proceed with the construction to ensure that the garden is exactly as we envisage it. Our gardening process begins with the cultivation of the soil. Plants can die quickly if planted in the wrong way. We make the most of our knowledge and skills to ensure that the plants take root and grow healthily.

What is good soil?



Once you have seen the finished garden and are happy with it, the work is complete. The work has been carried out to a high standard of strength and durability. (In the event of unexpected way of use, we may have to charge for this service.)

This is the beginning of our real relationship with you.

Even after the garden is completed, we will carefully prune the trees, not only to maintain the landscape, but also to ensure the health of the trees. Our chairman, Hayashi, who is an instructor at various schools, is also available to provide guidance on how to manage your garden if you wish.

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